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California Labor Laws – What You Need to Know in the New Year

January 6, 2020

Respected as an industry authority on California Labor Law, Chris Harmon joined Bart in the studio to discuss what you need to know as a business owner in California- especially at the start of a New Year. The landscape of the law is continuously changing and almost always at the start of a New Year there are new laws taking affect that impact business owners. As a best practice, Chris shares that one of the best things a business owner can do is meet with a consultant in the beginning of the year to make sure they are in the know on the new laws that are taking affect.

In this episode gain access to:
Learn when you should involve a consultant and why
- Understand some common do’s and don’ts of celebratory company parties
- Learn why themed company parties are no longer a good idea
- Listen to a Q&A led by Chris Harmon on some of the Labor Law facts you should be in the know on

When asked what his ultimate lesson learned was, Chris shared that getting guidance from the experts in the field to navigate the challenge you may be going through makes dollars and sense in a big way.

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