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Meet the Latest Disruptor in the Pet Food Space – Boss Dog

March 9, 2020

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the studio by entrepreneur Basel Nassar. As one of the founders of Boss Dog, a line of premium dog products that all center around digestive health solutions, Basel shares the experiences he has had on his entrepreneurial journey so far which began in the Greek yogurt business. After spending many years in consumer product goods, he saw the opportunity to thrive in the pet food space, and with only one year in business, Boss Dog is currently in four product segments and has over 30,000 distribution points.

In this episode gain access to:
The inside scoop on the latest product offerings in the pet food space
- The benefits of digestive probiotics and why their products have been met with such acclaim
- Understand the challenges and struggles of starting a new brand – even for a seasoned entrepreneur
- Learn more about Boss Dog’s commitment to giving back and rescuing dogs in need

When asked what his ultimate lesson learned has been, Basal shared that facing the fear of failure is critical for anyone to be able to push towards success. He also shared that at the start of any business endeavor he takes a vow of humility as ego can get in the way of good business logic.

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