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Qualified Opportunity Zones – Understanding This Investment Legislation

November 11, 2019

Nick Rosenthal, Senior Vice President of Griffin Capital Securities, joined Bart in the studio to discuss a little-known tax benefit rolled out in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. A Qualified Opportunity Zone is when an investor may defer eligible capital gains recognized from taxable exchanges such as: the sale of stocks or bonds, the sale of a property, or the sale of an interest in a partnership.  Both long term and short-term Capital Gains can be invested into on Opportunity Zone fund.  Each investor generally must invest Capital Gains into the Opportunity Zone Fund within 180 days of realizing Capital Gains.  The investor may then defer the federal capital gains until 2026.  If the investment is made in 2019, there may be a 15% discount applied to the federal capital gains tax in 2026.

In this episode, gain access to:
-Qualified Opportunities Zones – What are they?
-What are the parameters for investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones?
-What are the tax benefits of investing in a Qualified Opportunity Zones?
-Learn how this type of investment can be beneficial.

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