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At Home Learning: How to Manage Working From Home While Homeschooling

April 21, 2020

Host Bart Zandbergen and co-host Letitia Berbaum were joined in the virtual studio by Karie Gladis, the CEO of Empower Reach, an education consulting company whose mission is to empower each educator, student, and parent. Karie has extensive experience designing and leading multi-year professional development, coaching educators, developing and implementing curriculum, providing parent education, and teaching students. Karie has worked in districts and schools nationally and internationally for over twenty years. She talks candidly in this podcast about how to create an impactful day while juggling more than ever from home.

In this episode Bart, Letitia and Karie discuss:
-How to answer children’s questions about COVID-19
-How to talk to children about cleanliness and its importance
-Why talking with children about avoiding waste is imperative
-How to structure your day and find your daily rhythm
-How to motivate your children through their daily school activities at home

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