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Author Sean Flynn and The Healthcare CURE that Works!

July 1, 2019

Letitia Berbaum was back in the studio with a very special guest, Sean Flynn. Sean is the author of the best selling book, Economics for Dummies, and is also an Economics Professor at Scripps College. Sean's candid take on our nation's healthcare state, combined with his extensive economic background set the stage for a lively conversation complete with facts, figures and policy truths that will have you saying, that can't be true! 

In the episode you'll gain access to:

-Current statistics relating to our national healthcare system and the impact they have on our finances

-An understanding of how other countries like Singapore approach healthcare and how they see benefits from it

-How a company like Whole Foods can create an enhanced culture and have a great impact on their employees through their unique approach to employee healthcare benefits.

Sean Flynn just released his latest book, The Cure That Works, which dives deeper into the above topics. His book can be found on Amazon here.

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