The Zandbergen Report

Bart Zandbergen Talks With Author and Entrepreneur Angela Todd

August 26, 2021

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the studio by author and entrepreneur Angela Todd. In this episode, Angela shares with listeners her financial struggles as a young adult and how they led her and her husband to create this inspired children’s book series. Designed for children up to seven years old, the series features fun characters and basic principles that show how money is not hard, it’s actually rather easy to comprehend.

In this episode learn:
-How Angela used her personal trials to channel inspiration with her husband to design this book series
-Why teaching finances to children is imperative to creating financially savvy adults
-How parents are able to learn as well through reading these books to their children

To learn more about Angela Todd and the Money Mike and the Gang book series, please visit:

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