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Dividing His and Her Funds + Tips for Financial Planning Success

April 20, 2018

Bart and Letitia were back in the studio for a second episode of "What keeps you up at night?". In this episode, Letitia addresses questions that you are afraid to ask and discusses tried and true best practices for how to plan for financial success as a couple. Couples all have different philosophies on how they would like to split money and investments, however it all starts with a plan. Having the right plan in place can help ensure your financial health, security and future wealth building for all involved. Meeting with your wealth advisor and partner is the first step in setting up your plan. In this meeting, here are a few things Letitia advises:

1. Be Honest. The more open and honest with your partner and advisor you can be, the better it will be for successful planning.

2. Discuss Budgets. This is another critical component of the planning process.

3. Develop Long Term Savings Plans and Goals. It's important to be working towards these long term savings goals - always!

Listen to the episode to learn more!

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