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From High School Drop-out to CEO Coach - Meet Serial Entrepreneur Arman Sadeghi

July 13, 2019

Serial entrepreneur and adviser to America's top CEO's, Arman Sadeghi joined host Bart Zandbergen in the studio to discuss his journey from high school drop-out to his multi-faceted career. At an early age, Arman discovered he loved problem solving in the business world. He owns and operates several, very different companies, and now also enjoys developing the latest generation of CEO's. 

In this episode you will gain access to:
-Understanding why you should look at your financials like a treasure map.
-How to recognize pain points in growth and address them through problem solving.
-Why you should run a business by the numbers and not the "feeling".
-How learning to delegate is an art that should be carefully mastered.

Arman's ultimate lesson learned is that it's critical to be obsessed with the numbers and your key performance indicators for optimum success!

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