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Dr. Sanjay Grover Discusses the New World of Plastic Surgery and the ZOOM Effect

June 16, 2020

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by Dr. Sanjay Grover. A respected plastic surgeon and expert on aesthetics, Dr. Grover is an OC native whose practice is located in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Grover is a gifted and precise plastic surgeon who delivers naturally elegant results that are customized to his patients' preferences as well as their unique anatomical structure. Discerning patients find Dr. Grover to be a compassionate and thoughtful practitioner who is eager to truly listen to and educate his patients so they can proceed with full confidence towards a beautiful outcome. With almost 25 years of plastic surgery experience, Dr. Grover specializes in delicate, complex, aesthetic procedures of the face, nose, breasts and body.

In this episode you’ll learn:
How COVID is shaping the plastic surgery industry
- Why virtual consultations have become the choice of many
- How office visit protocols are changing the patient experience
- What procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, are top choices for men
- Learn what Dr. Grover feels is the ultimate reward in helping his patients look and feel their best.
- How ZOOM is driving the demand for elective procedures to address areas such as chin, under chin and neck in particular.

When asked what his ultimate lesson learned has been, Dr. Grover shares that his tenure has showed him that it’s amazing what humans can achieve, and you never can seem to put a limit on future capabilities.

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