The Zandbergen Report

Entrepreneurship in the Millennial Age

December 23, 2019

Millennial entrepreneur Matthew Stevens joined Bart in the studio to discuss what inspires, motivates and drives his career path. As the Co-Founder of Alleva, Matthew shares a candid story about a friend of his who was impacted by addiction, which led him to bringing his latest business venture to life. He also discusses the nuances of being a business owner in today’s millennial fueled world.

In this episode gain access to:
Why understanding what motivates people makes a difference in driving performance
- How execution is key in scaling a business
- Why millennials choose “cause” as being their #1 motivator – even over financial means
- How choosing the right career path for your individual needs can result in having more time to spend with those you love

When asked what his ultimate lesson learned was, Matthew shared that patience is a trait he continues to develop. As a millennial who loves instant gratification, the truth is that results and long-term business success come from consistent efforts, day in and day out, which requires patience.

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