The Zandbergen Report

Fitness in a COVID World through a Local Studio Owner’s Eyes

July 15, 2020

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by the owner of YNG Studios, Deborah Miller. This courageous local entrepreneur has led her brand through what we all know has been a challenging season. She talks with us about her mission to give back, see the local community restored, and her unwavering commitment to creating a safe and thoughtful space for her members to practice within. Also in this episode, Deborah shares her entrepreneurial journey with us and provides insight into how she stays motivated to re-invent, re-imagine and restore her studio in order to thrive in an emerging new normal.

In this episode gain access to:
Misconceptions about Yoga from YNG’s Studio Owner, who once was not a yogi
- Studio operations pre-pandemic and the road to re-opening
- Why giving back became essential during the shelter-at-home orders for YNG Studios
- What solutions YNG Studios has implemented to facilitate re-opening and emergence in a pandemic afflicted world
- Why community connection and supporting other business owners throughout the seasons of change is imperative for success

When asked what her ultimate lesson learned has been, Deborah shares, “don’t be your obstacles and remember to let your obstacles be your teachers,”

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