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From the Badminton Court to Acclaimed Interior Designer - Meet Dina Marciano

September 9, 2019

Bart Zandbergen welcomed Interior Designer Dina Marciano into the studio to talk about her journey from Belarus to becoming a very successful entrepreneur here in the states. Dina came to the USA in 1995 to visit family, and although she had no intention of staying, she quickly decided to make our country her home. Growing up as a disciplined athlete (she played competitive badminton for years), Dina's refined work ethic was ingrained from an early age. She followed her passion for design and became a professional interior designer, founding her own firm, Dina Marciano Design. Her work has been featured by a variety of publications and she is an interior designer of choice for many developers to work with.

In this episode, Dina discusses:
-New styles emerging in the world of interior design
-How she approaches designing for her client's lifestyles
-Why less is more and has been proven to create the most impactful spaces

She also shared with our listeners her ultimate lesson learned which is simply put - to be yourself. Dina encourages others to be authentic, stay true to their vision and to move forward with bringing their goals to life. 

Learn more about Dina Marciano's work here:

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