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How a Forensic Psychologist Views Nutrition and its Impact on The Human Mind, Body and Spirit

August 23, 2019

Letitia Berbaum was joined on air by Dr. Rupali Chadha, who is a highly sought after forensic psychologist. She is also Chief of the Medical Staff at Metropolitan State Hospital in Los Angeles, being the only female to ever hold that position for the hospital which has been around for over 100 years. In this episode, Dr. Chadha talks about the connection she has seen between nutrition and mental health. Her advanced studies and extensive experience have positioned her as an expert in her field. 

Listen to this episode to gain access to:

-Macro-nutrients: How proper pairings of fat and carbohydrates can improve your mood.
-Meal prepping: Why this weekly ritual can make all the difference.
-Reducing stress: How changing your thinking can positively impact your stress levels.

Dr. Chadha also shares her ultimate lesson learned. For her, choosing to exercise for spirit, not ego, and choosing to make decisions for all the right reasons has drastically improved her quality of life.

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