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How a USC Grad Turned Private Investigator

August 16, 2019

Maki Kudaka, who considers herself a professional "snoop", joined Bart in the studio to discuss her journey from USC to becoming a highly sought after private investigator. Maki has spent over a decade in the industry and founded her own company, Kudaka Investigations over 6 years ago. She works on a broad range of cases that always have more than meets the eye, and believes in the beauty of never giving up.

In this episode gain access to:

-How private investigators use social media research to discover key information
-How laws and limitations shape the work of a private investigator
-What the California law states on voice recording
-Tactics used to disarm individuals that a private investigator needs to attain information from
-Why approachability makes all the difference in the role of a private investigator

Maki also shares with listeners what her "Ultimate Lesson Learned" is:


T: Think outside the box
O: One step ahead of the game
A: Aggresive
D: Digg, digg, digg

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