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How to Become a Masterful Speaker and Define the Greater Purpose in Each Opportunity

April 27, 2019

Colin Boyd, a respected international speaker and business mentor, joined Bart in the studio to discuss how to become an authority on influence, persuasion and communication.

Relocating here to the USA from Australia with his wife and children, Colin has been able to bring his expertise to the masses through thought provoking coaching and training. From preparing to take the stage as a guest speaker to simply hosting a meeting or a Facebook Live Webinar, Colin shows people how to be effective, sell through serving and make the necessary mind shifts to go from good to great.

In this episode you'll gain access to:

- Understanding that speaking is selling- whether that is selling a specific idea, strategy or product.
- How to show up as the best version of yourself, which all starts with your thoughts
- How to define and connect with the greater purpose of your presentations for elevated results and impact

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