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How to Turn Retirement Planning into Financial Independence

June 15, 2019

Bart and Letitia were back in the studio for another episode of "what keeps you up at night".

In this episode, Bart and Letitia discuss how to turn retirement planning into financial independence.

As a society we are living longer. 50 years ago we were living to 65/66 years of age. Today, the average life expectancy is 82-85 years of age. Especially as we are living longer now, smart planning is more pivotal than ever.

Fun Fact: Letitia shares that in a recent study, its states that people who have children live longer. This is said to be true because individuals who have children tend to experience more social interaction and have children and grandchildren to care for them later in life.

Fun Fact: Bart shares that in a study he recently came across, all Centenarians (people who reach 100 years of age) have three things in common:
1. They all enjoy alcohol on a limited basis
2. They all have a spiritual belief they connect to
3. They all eat meat

This episode will highlight:
-Why planning for your retirement now creates the financial independence you desire in the future.
-How understanding and planning for inflation can create a realistic view of how long your financial resources will last.
-The transition period from retirement to the life beyond and how different (and refreshing) that view can be through proper planning.

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