The Zandbergen Report

Investing 101: How to filter through the noise to architect the right plan for you!

September 17, 2019

Hosts Bart Zandbergen and Letitia Berbaum were back in the studio to discuss how to sift through the noise. Especially in our media driven world today, there are so many outlets that are ready to give advice but how do you filter through it to get to the heart of the topic at hand? In this episode, Bart and Letitia give candid perspectives on how to assess the information you read, see online or hear on TV.

This edition of The Zandbergen Report will highlight:
-The importance of only taking advice from a licensed professional who has a fiduciary responsibility to you.
-How TV commentators are entertainers as well, so it is something to keep in mind while listening to their perspectives.
-Why considering the source of any information you are given is critical.
-How discovering ways to save on the small things can add up in a big way each year.
-Why the best advice is custom tailored to your goals, lifestyle and needs.

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