The Zandbergen Report

Modern Ageless Beauties Talk Fearless Living After 50

December 7, 2018

Modern Ageless Beauty…where real talk, discerning access and unfiltered opinions take center stage for the men and women of today. Created by entrepreneurs Sherry Mattia and Ingrid Newman, the show is driven by cause and purpose, with each segment carefully created to provide the audience with empowering advice from distinguished experts on inner and outer beauty. Also showcasing the latest products, treatments and therapies that provide ageless results, the show is complete with coveted access to the latest advancements in anti-aging, beauty, fitness, nutrition and wellness. Not to mention makeovers to reveal fresh, vibrant looks at any age!

For the modern, ageless generation of 40 year olds and above, topics such as dating after divorce, putting the romance back in your marriage, raising teens in the digital era, life after illness, hormone balancing, and women kicking the glass, are led by the most respected thought leaders of our time. Plus, exclusive “Gentlemen’s Edition” segments are created specifically for the modern ageless man of today. Each segment engages the audience, while fueling the soul with candor and commentary from Sherry and Ingrid, who can personally relate to the trending topics. In a world that takes itself so seriously, the dynamic duo bring a light hearted vibe to the forefront while featuring the best of the best, so you won’t settle for less! Real, raw and relatable, Modern Ageless Beauty above all, seeks to provide empowerment for each person who needs a little inspiration to aspire to their higher self. 

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