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Navigating a Business Launch During the Pandemic with Sam Madani of BOMANI Cold Buzz

May 26, 2020

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio Sam Madani, CEO and CO-Founder of BOMANI Cold Buzz. An NYC resident and USC Grad, Sam gave up his lucrative investment banker career to create BOMANI with his fellow co-founders who were also professionals in the investment world. Sam traveled to California in March 2020 for just a few days to meet with a few distributors ahead of their planned May 2020 California launch. However, he decided to stay in California with family due to the pandemic, while connecting virtually with his team members back in NYC.

In this episode learn:
- How BOMANI Cold Buzz has created a new niche in their market space
- What it’s been like navigating a product launch in the middle of a pandemic
- The inspiration behind BOMANI Cold Buzz and the difference a connected team culture makes
- What BOMANI Cold Buzz is doing to give back to the community during the pandemic

When asked what his ultimate lesson learned has been, Sam shares, “people are everything. By empowering the right people – you get more support than you would in any other way.

To learn more about BOMANI Cold Buzz, please visit: or follow on Instagram.

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