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Summer Fitness Tips with Tyler Mounce of Stark

May 24, 2019

Tyler Mounce of Stark joined us in the studio to discuss myths, musts, and more when it comes to gaining a competitive edge in your personal fitness game.

Graduating with a degree in biblical studies, Tyler actually discovered his passion for fitness while going to college and decided to pursue it instead.

Bart and Tyler discuss why a 360 approach to looking and feeling your best is critical for results, and also debunk a few common fitness philosophies that are more myth than anything else. 

In this episode, you'll gain insight into:

-How to accurately assess your true fitness level and overall health + metrics you should be using to evaluate it including things like blood chemistry, body composition, posture analysis, movement, and sleep digestion.

-Why daily caloric intake is a crucial part of a diet plan.

-How processed food can impact your results while whole foods are a part of fit living for all.

Tyler notes that weight loss and fit living require intention and discipline. These two components are key to helping yourself get on and stay on track throughout the seasons.

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