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The Art of Philanthropic Investments with Valentina Khan

September 28, 2020

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the virtual studio by entrepreneur Valentina Khan.  Valentina is the Managing Director for Investors Philanthropic. As an OC native who grew up in North Tustin, she was inspired early on by the compassionate community. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California Bachelor of Arts, has received her Juris Doctorate at Taft Law School and continued her education with a Masters of Arts degree from Claremont School of Theology. She is the visionary and Co-Founder of I Am Jerusalem and was a contributing member to the Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County. Both of which are non-profit organizations that focus on building bridges of understanding and friendship within the interfaith communities.


Valentina is the Host for The Joy of Giving Series on YouTube, which highlights various business leaders and nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about "bringing the joy of giving to millions", through education, collaboration and creating opportunities for Donors to fulfill their philanthropic missions. As part of Investors Philanthropic, Valentina combines her love of community with her efforts to build impactful relationships from one generation to the next. She is also the creator of and teacher for Dance Barre - a fun ballet barre fitness method.


In this episode learn:
- What a Donor Advised Fund is and what purpose it serves
- What recent trend research shows in relation to donors and their contributions during COVID
- How The Joy of Giving is providing coverage on local charitable organizations
- What inspired Valentina to launch her Barre studio while she was studying for the California Bar Exam

When asked what her ultimate lesson learned has been, Valentina shared, “communication in every type of relationship is vital.”

To connect with Valentina, follow The Joy of Giving on YouTube, @joyofgivingip on Instagram and @joyofgiving on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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