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The Making of a Million Dollar Car - Pagani Newport Beach Talks Hypercars, Drift Cars and More!

March 17, 2019

Tyler Lee from Pagani Newport Beach joined Bart in the studio to talk about Pagani - one of the world's most distinguished hypercar manufacturers. With just over 40 vehicles on the road in the USA, Paganis are all custom ordered with a base price starting at $1.1 Million Dollars.

In 2012, Top Gear Magazine recognized the Pagani Huayra as the Hypercar of the Year and since then, the elite automotive brand has continued to set records and raise the bar for excellence in the automotive industry. Pagani Newport Beach was the first standalone dealership in the USA and now they have a second location in Beverly Hills.

In this episode, you'll learn the following:

-How a former Lamborghini executive chose to branch off and launch his own brand, Pagani

-The defining factors that separate Pagani into a league of its own

-What automotive drifting is, and how drift cars are unique 

Plus, Tyler Lee, a car aficionado at heart, shares his journey into the world of high-end automotive. His passion and sheer grit for attaining his current position with Pagani is a great example of how someone who is driven by determination, ultimately wins the race.

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