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The OC Polo Club Debuts in the OC

December 16, 2019

Entrepreneur Shelley Geiler, owner of the OC Polo Club, joined Bart in the studio to discuss her multi-faceted career and latest venture. The fourth generation Orange County native grew up in Newport Beach, and learned entrepreneurial lessons early on from her parents who own and operate a significant self-storage business. She spent many years as an attorney, but her passion for polo which was groomed in her childhood came colliding with her drive for developing new business ventures. Recently, she opened the OC Polo Club and is more passionate than ever about showing men and women of all ages the enjoyment you get from spending time in the saddle.

In this episode, learn:
-What the polo experience is like for participants at any age
-What to expect as a first time rider at OC Polo Club
-How to get started with lessons or riding school
-Why safety first is so important for the horses and riders alike

When asked what her ultimate lesson learned has been, Shelley shared, “It’s never over and there is always a new opportunity around the corner."

To learn more about the OC Polo Club, visit:

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