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October 12, 2018

Dino Katsiametis has close to 20 years of experience and is an expert practitioner in the mortgage, banking and real estate industries. He has a passion for serving clients with a financial planning/ relational approach instead of a “one-time transaction” mindset. Because of this, Dino is truly considered a trusted advisor by his clients, realtors and other financial professionals he works with.

As the former Area manager of a large national bank and the host of his own radio show “Money Matter’s with Dino” on Clear Channel Radio, Dino has always stayed ahead of market trends. His approach comes from looking at his client’s entire financial picture before making recommendations, as well as utilizing his innate listening skills to give his clients exactly what they want.

Within his practice, Dino works alongside CPA’s, financial planners, attorneys, accountants, real estate and banking professionals in order to provide comprehensive financial scenarios along with “Win-Win” opportunities for his clients.
Integrity, attentiveness, availability, insightfulness and strategic thinking are some of the words that clients use to describe Dino, but the proof is in his execution and delivery. When it comes to performing without compromise, timely execution and getting what you were promised with personalized service, Dino Katsiametis and California Coastal Loans are your ONLY choice.

Dino lives in South Orange County close to family and church, which he considers the foundations of his character. Alongside his mortgage company, Dino has founded and hosts a popular podcast called “God’s Men of Influence” where he promotes Christian values by interviewing men in leadership positions in the community about their walk with God.

He is a devoted husband and father of four beautiful children. He attributes all the good things he has in life to his faith in God and his family. He can be contacted by phone at 949-720-1616 or by email at

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