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Vair Jets: A Private Jet Co-Ownership Program Unlike Any Other

February 4, 2019

Introducing Vair Jets - the newest co-ownership program for private jet clients in the USA.

David Bowling and Collin Jamieson of Vair Jets joined Letitia in the podcast studio to talk about the launch of their company and its services.

Co-ownership is a great fit for clients who travel 100-200 hours per year, but don't want the full responsibility or cost associated with complete private jet ownership. Unlike fractional jet ownership, co-ownership matches each client with up to two other co-owners at most. Allowing for more travel flexibility for each co-owner. 

Some of the benefits of co-ownership through Vair Jets include:
-Mitigated partnership entry and exit risks.
-Ownership structured to ensure complete tax autonomy.
-Easy scheduling - online access to a shared owner calendar to book flights as needed.
-Reliable costs - with co-ownership, you never get surprise expenses.
-Professional flight operators on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

Listen to the episode to learn:
-The difference between fractional and co-ownership for private jets.
-How to know when it is best to charter a private jet versus look into co-ownership.
-Discover the benefits and perks of being a Vair Jets client and co-owner of a private jet.
-Learn about the Vair Jets experience and how it separates itself from the competition.

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