The Zandbergen Report

Why Failing More is the Key to Success

January 12, 2020

After meeting in the gym nearly 30 years ago, Bill Wooditch joined Bart Zandbergen in the studio to share his journey and lessons learned with our audience. Bill Wooditch built a multi-million-dollar company from the philosophy: “To receive value, you first have to give value.” For over 25 years, he has created and implemented proven concepts, structures and narratives that support leadership development. He is a results-based speaker who inspires the quest for innovation, enrichment and self-fulfillment in personal and professional undertakings. Additionally, he has authored two best-selling books, including one released earlier this year entitled, “Fail More”.

In this episode, learn:
-How intentionally failing your way to success is critical
-Why grit and willpower make all the difference in your success trajectory
-How to stifle the voice of fear
-Why looking in the mirror and addressing denial and illusion is instrumental in decision making
-How to set effective goals and measure outcomes

When asked what his ultimate lesson learned has been, Bill shared that he wished he’d learned to believe in himself sooner. When you believe in yourself, life changes and the world of possibilities comes flooding in.

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